Interior Decor Tips from around the Web

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an interior far nicer than I can afford…but it’s nice to dream!

The web is a great place to get those gears turning as you brainstorm potential avenues to go down. For this next blog post, I rounded up a handful of great interior decor tips that I found helpful. I recently needed to needed to rearrange and replace furniture in my living room, so the internet was a great resource when it was time to get things started. Here are some of my favorites of the bunch:

  • Know your color scheme before heavily investing in a room’s decor. (Of course, this is contingent on seeing the space and planning from there). For obvious reasons, a purchase can be made moot (or an egregious eyesore) if it turns out that it won’t actually “go” with the rest of the room.
  • If you have a favorite piece of furniture or accessory, make it a point to show it off in the room. There’s a reason you have it in the first place; designing with these special pieces in mind gives you an anchor to tie the rest of the room back to.
  • Don’t neglect window dressing. It seems like a pretty minor point, but adding a bit of color or sophistication to your window trimmings makes them better to look at than standard or boring blinds.
  • Find a good place to purchase rugs and accessories for your room. After you paint the room and get the major pieces of furniture, there’ll still be plenty of room for area rugs and other knick-knacks to populate a space. Rug & Home is a good example of an online rug store where you can find a huge variety of pieces.
  • Throw a mirror in there! Obviously, you want to put a little more thought into it than that, but a tasteful mirror is always a welcome addition to a room.

That wraps up this post. I hope you find these interior decor ideas useful. If you’re still curious, there are plenty of lists and articles out there. Here’s another one that I really liked.

Here’s a video that has some interesting things to talk about:

Summer Cooling Tips From the Web

summer cooling tipsHey there folks, it’s been awhile! I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. For this post, I collected some summer cooling tips to help you stay comfortable in spite of the summer heat. Some might be obvious to you, but I think other tips can be really helpful. Here they are:

Summer Cooling Tips to Beat the Heat:

  • Use fans along with your AC system; circulating air has a dramatic effect on how cool your space feels.
  • When dressing, stick to clothes with lightweight and natural fibers as opposed to anything man-made. Typically, materials like polyester trap a lot more heat, compared to, say, cotton.
  • Take into account how those clothes fit too; loose, breezy items are obviously preferable to tight or uncomfortable ones.
  • In the event of an emergency, try to fix the problem as soon. This may be difficult if a failure occurs at your work place because of the relative size of commercial systems, but commercial HVAC companies like the BP Group offer Emergency AC Repair when you need it.
  • Take extra care to stay hydrated. It’s obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget to drink extra water to compensate for what you lose in the heat.
  • Use natural light indoors whenever possible. Aside from saving energy, certain lamps also give off a not-insignificant amount of heat, which can be compounded when they’re turned on for hours at a time.

Here’s an extra little video from good ol’ Youtube that you might enjoy as well:

Buy and Sell Old Cell Phones Online

Buy and Sell Old Cell Phones: Where to Begin?

Consider Where You Buy From

buy and sell old cell phones with GoodCellas
So for this post, I have something a bit different for you. I initially came across this company called GoodCellas because I was looking to sell my old phone. After poking around a bit more, I noticed that I was digging the design of the site, and it was easy to use too. If you’re not familiar, GoodCellas is a good place online to buy and sell old cell phones, which is something that can prove quite cost-effective given how expensive these things are today.

Frankly, there are plenty of places online where you can sell your phone. However, it’s important to be wary because of the money on the line here. (Unless you’re actually loaded and are doing this just for fun.) You obviously want to have the best experience and service possible if you plan to buy and sell old cell phones. I use “old” here as a relative term, since an outdated phone nowadays may not be older than a year or two. Anyway, GoodCellas, for me at least, not only caught my eye because of the quality of their service, but also because of their design.

What drew my attention the most was the clean interface; right from the home page, how to use the page is readily apparent. Often, commerce sites like this can be bogged down by overwhelming the user with options and products that they simply don’t need or actually want to see right away. As a small aside, I’d recommend browsing through tutorials like the ones you might see on Hongkiat. Second, in a minor, yet incredibly amusing way, I wanted to mention how much I love the videos that play when you hover over the two large menu options on that home page. (You’ll know what I mean when you try it.)

Lastly, here’s a video that might help you if you’re looking to buy and sell old cell phones. This one is iPhone specific, but a lot of the general tips apply to any phone.

Refreshing Your Digital Brand

If there’s one thing I know about the web, it’s that it’s forever evolving. This may be obvious for anyone familiar with it, but it’s even more obvious for someone who lives and breathes the web. Because of this, it’s crucial for brands to undergo a refresh every now and then. Do you have a brand that needs a refresh? Ask yourself these questions to help your brand keep up with the others that frequently do so. If you find yourself having trouble in these areas, it could be a smart move to consult with a creative digital agency. Many brands turn to this, and it’s usually a beneficial choice to get your brand on its way.

Can it be explained?

When asking yourself this question, it’s important to take a step back and think of it from an outsider’s point of view. To you and anyone else involved with the brand, it’s easy to understand, but this doesn’t mean everyone else will take it the same way. If it’s a complex brand, try explaining it to someone who hasn’t heard of it. This is the true test! If it’s something more common, make sure your explaining it the best way you know how. Are you using the right words to explain your brand? For example, using too many complex words or too much information can throw off your audience. Are you using relevant images, ones that can display the brand without words? Are you putting it out to the most appropriate outlets? This all goes into understanding the brand. So, whether you need to explain it out-loud or double check the way it’s being presented in the digital space, it’s important to make sure it can easily be explained and understood. You’ll want your consumers to be able to easily talk about it, increasing word of mouth! This may cause you to make some simple changes, such as simplifying the wording.

Can the logo be easily changed?

Every brand should have a logo, one that can be easily changed, even if it’s just the slightest change. The same exact logo can either become boring or old. Throwing in a different color or adding a new element can make all the difference. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure your logo’s size can be adjusted without looking off. Many brands need to utilize the logo for different materials and so on. Some brands also enjoy editing the logo for a season or holiday. Having this option is a plus, and definitely beneficial for marketing purposes. If your brand’s logo isn’t adaptable, maybe it’s time for a refreshed one.


Does my brand offer live chat support?

Live chat support is growing in popularity, largely because people do not want to listen to hours of elevator music as they are waiting on hold. Live chat support allows consumers to have their questions answered through an instant message, email or a quick video chat. If you’re doing a digital refresh, you might as well add this. On most websites I’ve seen, the live chat option pops up as soon as I click on the page. It’s not too intrusive though because it’s typically placed in a corner or off to the side. A brand refresh isn’t just about how your brand looks and sounds, it’s about the communication as well.

Speaking of live chat support…